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Especially in Africa, Asia and Latin America, the Catholic Church in the Third Millenium is growing fast.

Self-confident local Churches have emerged and have - starting from their pastoral visions - developed their own pastoral approaches and methods. In many countries the pastoral institutions play a key role in this regard. The project “Netzwerk Pastoral”, initiated by missio in cooperation with Adveniat, invites pastoral institutes from all over the world to exchange on their experiences, ideas and practices.

On our wiki “Pastoral global”, these pastoral institutions present themselves and reply to questions on their structure, their pastoral visions and the main areas of their work.


African Forum for Catholic Social Training (AFCAST)

LUMKO Institute


Kungoni Cultural Centre

Institut des Artisans de Justice et de Paix

Centro de Farmacao de Nazaré

Lux Terra Leadership Foundation

Faith and Encounter Centre, Zambia (FENZA)

Jesuit Centre for Theological Reflection, JCTR

Peter Faber Centre

Wadzanai Training Centre

Tamale Institute of Cross Cultural Studies

ISSR - Institut Supérieur de Sciences Religieuses, Congo

Centre Lasallien Africain (CELAF Institute)

ISSR - Bukavu

Institut Supérieur de Sciences Religieuses, Cairo

Lumen Christi Institute


Pallottine Animation Center (PAC)

National Biblical, Catechetical and Liturgical Centre (NBCLC)

Navjoyti Niketan, Regional Pastoral Centre

Utkal Jyoti Educational Society

Andhra Pradesh Jyotirmai Society

Pastoral Institute, Mangalore

Pastoral Centre, Bhopal

Navinta Retreat House

Ishvani Kendra

East Asian Pastoral Institute (EAPI)

The Melanesian Institute

Pusat Pastoral Keuskupan

Pusat Kateketik

Korean Christian Thought Institute

National Catechists' Training Centre

Christian Study Centre Pakistan

Catholic Diocesan Catechetical Centre, Hong Kong

Verbiest Institute Taipei (Pastoral Centre)

National Social Catechetical Training Centre, Jessore (N.S.C.T.C.)

Catholic Bible Commission Pakistan (CBCP)

John Paul I Biblical Pastoral Center

National Catechetical, Educational and Biblical Centre

National Catechetical Centre

Saigon Pastoral Institute

The Pastoral Institute Naqshband Colony

Institute of Indian Culture

Nava Jagriti Diocesan Laity Formation Centre, Kalunga

Archdiocesan Pastoral Institute

Arroj-e-Mariam Renewal Centre

Mother of Life Centre

The Catholic Pastoral Institute of Korea (CPIK)

CBCB Centre

Future Pastoral Institute - Catholic Pastoral Information

Woori Theology Institute (WTI)

Divya Jyoti Pastoral Centre, Kanjamendi

St. Martins Pastoral Centre

Institute Mater Dei

Catechism Department DBE

STKIP St. Paulus



North America

South America

Ecumenical Bible Centre

Equipo Nacional de Pastoral Aborigen (ENDEPA)

Carrera de Teología Pastoral

Departemento Ecuménico de Investigaciones

Asociacíon Mexicana de Promocíon y Cultura Social A.C.

Centro National de Ayuda a las Misiones Indigens, A.C. - CENAMI

Desarrollo Integral de Ciudades, A.C.

Misíon Jesuita San Francisco Javier


Institut Cooperativo Interamericano

Coordinación Nacional de Pastoral Indígena - CONAPI

Pastoral Social Nacional Paraguay

Asociación civil sin fines de lucro denominada Instituto de Pastoral Andina (IPA)

Instituto de Teología Pastoral Fray Martin