Arroj-e-Mariam Renewal Centre

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Official name Arroj-e-Mariam Renewal Centre.
Country / Continent Pakistan / Asia
Director of the institute Rev. Fr. Roy Jayamaha.
Legal holder of the institute Catholic Archdiocese of Lahore.
Sponsor of the institute The Archbishop of Lahore.
Year of foundation 1999
Number of staff (employees, freelancers, volunteers) 11
Staff members of your institute
Contact P.O. Box No. 3246


Lahore – 54660


Tel: 0092 42 5272108


Particulars of your pastoral institute

Official name

Arroj-e-Mariam Renewal Centre.

Director of the institute

Rev. Fr. Roy Jayamaha.

Legal holder of the institute

Catholic Archdiocese of Lahore.

The Archbishop of Lahore.

Vision / mission statement

To be of service to the local Church.

Main areas of work

Lay formation and faith formation.

Addressees of your work (course participants[1])

Lay people catechists Children Religious groups.

Year of foundation


Organisational structure of the institute

Bishop, Director and staff.

Number of staff (employees, freelancers, volunteers)


Staff members of your institute[2]

Qualifications of staff members of your institute

Questions relating to the work of your institute

What pastoral options do you feel obliged to?

Lay formation.

What are the pastoral focus areas of your institute?

Faith formation.

What pastoral services does your institute provide?

What pastoral aims does your institute pursue?

Train the lay leaders to be strong leaders in this 98% Muslin Country.

What pastoral processes have you initiated or accompanied recently?

To be courageous and give witness to Christ.

What does this mean for the areas of catechesis, deaconry and liturgy?

People are taught to live the Christian values.

What notion of God inspires your work?

God of the poor.

In how far does Christian spirituality shape your work?

Strengthen with the simple Faith of our people.

What processes do you use or develop to analyse reality? How are these elaborated and how are they linked to pastoral care? How do you pass these processes on?

We have group discussions, evaluation.

What prophetic approaches does the institute put into practice with a view to shaping society?

We bring all Hindus, Muslims and Christian together to have more interfaith, peace and harmony.

What does the work of the institute involve exactly? (Framework conditions? Publications? Courses? Lectures? Congress?...)

We provide facilities to bring all together to benefit from the place.

What magazines, periodicals, books, manuals, work aids, methodological instructions etc. does your institute publish?


What do you consider to be the most important service of your institute?

To be of service and hospitable.

How do you evaluate the work of your institute?

We staff sit and evaluate the doings.

What are the most important developments that you are dealing with at present?


What are the main difficulties your institute is confronted with in its work?

Lack of funding for programmes.

What challenges do you perceive for your institute at present?

Financial to pay the high bills at time not enough place or accommodations.

What hopes, dreams and visions do you have for your institute?

To have live in programmes and train more youth in skill works etc.

To what extent does your institute support laypeople in the Church and in society?

Give various awareness programmes and carrier guidance programmes.

How do you communicate your experiences and results to the respective local church, to neighbouring local churches and to other addressees (e.g. institutions affiliated to you)?

In pastoral meetings.

To what extent does cooperation with the Bishops’ Conference of your country or with your diocese take place?

We inform all that is going on to the Bishop of the diocese.

What linkages/networks are in existence at national level?

Nothing much.

What linkages/networks are in existence at international level?

Nothing much.

What kind of interreligious cooperation does take place with non-Christian religions?

Lot of pastors and people come from other denominations to have many programmes. We have health relationships.

What kind of ecumenical cooperation does take place with non-Catholic churches?

Quite active very co-operative people are friendly.

Which theological mergers/associations are you affiliated with (personally or as an institute)?

With philosophy seminary.

How can we assist you with your intercontinental exchanges and with exchanges between the continents?

By sending us a brochure, Directory and giving suggestions to do more valuable programmes.

  1. It would be interesting to know among other things whether course participants are active at parish, diocesan or supra-diocesan level and whether courses are attended by priests, religious or laypeople.
  2. It would be interesting to know among other things whether the staff members of the institute are priests, religious or laypeople.